dpf removal

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We have a real money saving option to those vehicle owners who are trying to avoid spending lump sum of money just for one part’s replacement which is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). DPF is a filter that removes soot particulates from the exhaust gasses. These particulates eventually clog up the filter and restricts the exhaust system, forcing the vehicle into a limp or reduced engine performance mode. We offer DPF removal service which will help to restore or increase a power of the vehicle and all warnings to do with DPF will disappear, also fuel economy will be noticed.

Legal requirements when removing a DPF

There are no legal requirements when removing a DPF from your vehicle. After the complete DPF removal process your emissions will remain within the required levels and you will have no problem passing NCT or MOT. The diesel particulate filter on any vehicle is not a legal requirement, but often sold as an optional extra when the vehicle is purchased from new. Many people are seeking an alternative to replacing this expensive component when it breaks. Auto Mission offers you not only money saving solution but better car performance overall.

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All warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard disappears

NCT or MOT pass guaranteed

Restored or increased power of the vehicle

Friendly-priced, honest and reliable service providers

Enhanced overall vehicle’s performance

Increased fuel efficiency

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