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DPF Regeneration

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and like every filter eventually it gets blocked. In order to maintain its performance, it needs to be cleaned regularly through a process called regeneration. There are three types of…


Airbag Electrical Repair

Airbag service light on a dashboard is a common issue with a lot of cars. There could be many reasons why it comes up, but mostly it’s because something is interfering with a seat-belt switch. That detects if the seatbelt…


ABS Electrical Repair

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system. It’s used on an aircraft and land vehicles and it prevents the wheels from locking up when braking. However, this is a common fault in a lot of cars which appears…



Auto Mission offers a chip tuning service allowing passionate vehicle drivers dive into their dreams and make them feel ‘alive’. We can maximize the power of the car, increase the torque by..



ECU Immobilizer system is an electronic device fitted in a car or other vehicle that if the code is unrecognized the ECU system won’t allow fuel to flow and ignition take place and in this case your vehicle won’t…


Air Suspension Repair

Air suspension – is a type of vehicle suspension powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor. This compressor pumps the air into a flexible bellows, usually made from textile-reinforced…


About Us

Auto Mission is a new family member of an automotive industry.

We have more than 10 years of combined experience. Starting from little mechanical issues to most difficult electrical system repairs.

Being familiar with huge volume of competition, we managed to find a gap in service quality and lack of inspiration towards this exciting and continuously evolving industry.

Our Mission

“…to stand out from the crowd of competitors by delivering cost-efficient solutions and time saving approach for our customers. Being leading specialists in the field we promise you a reliable and trustworthy experience”

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Killeen Court, Unit 3, Killeen Rd, Western Industrial Estate, Dublin, D12 TW20

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