About Us

Electro-Mechanical Repair Professionals. Since 2013

Who We Are? What We Do?

Auto Mission is a new family member of an automotive industry.

We have more than 10 years of combined experience. Starting from little mechanical issues to most difficult electrical system repairs.

Being familiar with huge volume of competition, we managed to find a gap in service quality and lack of inspiration towards this exciting and continuously evolving industry.

Our mission is to stand out from the crowd of competitors by delivering cost-efficient solutions and time saving approach for our customers. Being leading specialists in the field we promise you a reliable and trustworthy experience.

Why Choose Us?

We can claim to be the most skillful industry professionals in Ireland, but there is no way to measure our expertise prior leaving your car to us for a service, than actually do it.

Moreover, in most cases it happens that your car breaks down just at the worse time ever, when you really need it and have least spare money left in your pocket.

Considering the two factors mentioned above and understanding your situation (everyone including ourselves been there at some stage), we believe that the least we can do is to highlight key benefits we will be providing to if you decide to give us a chance:

  • Educated, experienced and honest in-house technical and electro-mechanical engineering team;
  • Opened 5 days a week, easy to find and located conveniently to public transport stops (Dublin bus, LUAS);
  • Checking, identifying and fixing all common faults related to the initial issue;
  • Time and Cost efficient approach – we will not only identify the main issue, but will acknowledge you of any common faults that are causing it and will not go further to fix it, prior getting a confirmation from you.

Our Team

Gediminas S.

Gediminas S.

Owner, Engineer


Professional Background

Education: Bachelor Degree in Transport Engineering

Experience: nearly 10 years of continuous experience in auto industry; last 5 years particularly focused at automotive electrification.

Main duties: entail installing, repairing, wiring, and maintaining of all electrical components found in different vehicles.