Since childhood I felt attraction to automobiles. I remember my very first time driving a car while sitting on my father’s lap. That was something amazing and much better then sweets, it was a happiest moment of my life. As the time was going by I used to get to drive a car more often and them moments provided me with more and more happiness every time.

My mother’s dislike of driving was a great opportunity for me to sit behind the wheel especially in winter. When the roads were icy and coated with snow my mother used to let me drive her up to the main road from where she continued the journey to work on her own and I had to walk back to the house. Didn’t matter what weather condition it was, how cold it was outside, but my heart kept burning with satisfaction. As time went by I used to get more and more great driving experience and that stayed in me for life.

I got in to “Vilnius Gediminas Technical University” in Lithuania doing Transport Engineering. It was another great experience and I developed a lot of new skills and knowledge. During last year of studies, I worked at auto parts shop where I met a lot of interesting people who also were inspired by automobiles and that made me even more confident about my chosen career in motor industry. After my studies I got a job in a body repair shop, where I was fixing damaged cars and also making tools. Working there let me understand cars even better.

Last five years I have been working mainly with auto electrical systems which has given me an opportunity to work with latest models of different brand cars also letting me develop new skills and knowledge.

Auto Mission? Hmmmm…So what’s our mission?

To help our loyal and new customers dedicating all our knowledge and skills. Effectively finding the problem and solving it for a reasonable price and time frame. At Auto Mission we are specialized at what we do and people working here are helpful and self-motivated. Any fault or a problem is a new challenge for our team.

P.S. Auto Mission team loves challenges!